Content ID Claim vs Copyright Infringement Notification

It is vital to note Content ID system is a distinct, separate system to the Copyright Infringement Notification system.

The legal system follows the requirement of DMCA, whereas Content ID provides an alternative approach, based on YouTube policies and terms of services agreed to by the partners who are accepted into the Content ID program.

Content ID is only available to rightsholders who meet the qualifying criteria, once accepted the partners can automatically claim videos. The automation comes in two parts, scanning for content matches and the handling of identified matches. Whilst Content ID is restricted to approved partners, any rightsholder or authorised agent can use the Copyright Infringement Notification system to submit a takedown request.

When a Content ID partner requests a video is taken down via the Content ID system, the reported channel does not receive a copyright strike. A takedown request submitted via the legal process, if successful, does lead to the reported channel receiving a copyright strike as part of the repeat infringer policy.

A Content ID claim therefore does not have the same legal impact as a legal takedown request. The alleged infringer can dispute a claim in good faith without the fear of legal escalation as noted under the legal system of counter-notification.

YouTube encourages uploaders to dispute Content ID claims if they have good faith belief the claim was incorrect for any reason. Due to the automated nature of the system, false matches do occur, combined with automated claim handling, inaccurate claims are an ever-present issue. Disputing inaccurate claims provides feedback to YouTube to help improve the Content ID system, providing the data needed for the machine learning to feed off.

A successful legal takedown request will have the infringing content taken down, whereas Content ID video claim provides numerous options for the rightsholder, which also includes having the content taken down, or often the often-preferred approach in monetising the content. Rightsholders have the choice of takedown methods if they are a partner, the systems work together as a digital rights management package. Rightsholders typically use Content ID as the general tool automatically handling the bulk of the work and the legal takedown process for repeat and bad faith infringers who require stronger, targeted enforcement.

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