Audio Single Distribution


Gaan Baksho Music distributes to 250+ streaming platforms. Per default, we license your music for purchase to the territory “world,” which includes all territories. We are licensed Publisher of ASCAP, APRA and authorised Distributor of FUGA & Vydia



++++ Please order 3 Days in advance ++++

We collect Royalty from Youtube (Content ID match), Facebook soundcloud including Mechanical royalty (streaming)


Required Audio  & Artwork Specification

  1. Audio Single contains 1 Track max (8min)
  2. Sound Quality: Format: WAV, Channels: Stereo (L R), Sample Rate: 44.100 kHz, Bit Rate: 16 kbps (minimum)
  3. Artwork Size: 3000 X 3000
  4. File Format: .Jpg or .Jpeg
  5. Artwork contains only Artist and Album name on picture