Digital Audio Distribution

As an artist, digital distribution has become a must in order to reach all your potential fans. Smart distribution grows your visibility. It gets your music into as many ears as possible. And it helps you get paid for your music.

Traditionally, distributors got records into stores and labels got people to go buy them (through promotion). Along the way, each of these middlemen took a percentage of the revenue.

This system still exists today. At least to some extent and in just a few markets.

But the role of distributors and record labels has changed dramatically. Not to mention the changes the internet has brought in the way people consume music. People spend more time online, and less money on physical music.

We have partnerships with 250+ digital music stores worldwide to help you sell your music.

Music Distribution Partners and available Regions

Gaan Baksho Music distributes to many retailers and other types of partnerships to make sure that your music is shared globally. Per default, we license your music for purchase to the territory “world,” which includes all territories. However, if your music is already licensed in certain territories around the world, you have the option of excluding these territories. This will mean that your music will then not be available for purchase in these excluded territories.

Multi-Region Partners

In addition, many retailers and streaming providers are handled by what are called “White Label” providers. These providers handle many different retailer and streaming platforms thus we may distribute to one partner that handles 150+.

In the case of iTunes, they operate 111 territories with each, at times focusing and marketing different products thus, we do consider them to be unique “partners” as well.

White Label Partners

These are indirect partners of Gaan Baksho Distribution, the reason they do not appear is that we do not send directly to them. They get their content via other partners, for example doesn’t get content directly from Gaan Baksho, they source it from 7Digital – so to get your content on you’d need to send to 7Digital and then it would be up to to curate and accept your content from 7Digital.

The partners that provide content to these indirect partners are called white label providers. A white label provider is a Digital Service Provider that handles multiple services under them. For example, 7Digital and Medianet are two White Label providers that power various streaming and download providers and thus, we list them on our system as the one delivery point. A white label provider is not considered a distribution company as Gaan Baksho does not distribute material to any other distributors, we have direct deals with companies as well as white label providers.

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